At a first confrontation with the work of Rita Van Gompel one gets the impression that the artist transfers her emotions with a colorful language of images to the cloth or to the paper. With a unique style she succeeds in unifying in an incredible way matter and color in the composition. They ┬┤re compostions of intrinsic thoughts and memories.

Active on cloth, paperl, she always uses mixed-media, where forefront is mainly built with matter and color, and the residual part of the cloth, gets a pictural meaning thanks to her colorful palette. This part, pictured full of warmth with intimate water-colors, gives, together with the parts where matter is added to the painting with warm colors, an insight in her cohesiveness with nature and cosmos.

By working with acrylic and water-color paint, patiently layered, she reaches a delicious transparency in her use of color. These admirable characteristics determine the strength of her capabilities. By the intense and pure nuances and by the rhythmic and harmonious construction of the composition, she succeeds in giving the whole a fairylike irradiation, which recalls every spectator to an enriching dialogue. She often elaborates on her emotions with a spiritual and abstract imagery.

Once one has experienced her strength of emotional expression, one sees her expressive ambitions and striving for perfection in every cloth. With inspiring dynamics she expresses what has touched her most profoundly. It are almost lyrical and narrative effusions, which are pictured colorfully, and which leave to the spectator enough space to fill in his own dreams. The idyllic and intriguing richness of expression underline the expressive capacity and the sublime atmosphere creating qualities of this high-leveled artistic and aesthetical oeuvre. (F.D.B 2004.

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